Wednesday, 18 January 2012

New Release: She's Wet and Wild!

I have a new book up on  Smashwords ,  AllRomanceeBooks  and  Bookstrand! The Amazon one is coming up soon!

It's called:

She's Wet and Wild!

Summary: Hot shower sex! What more could Lisa want? When she stumbles onto James showering in her college dorm room, she decides to turn her roommate's one night stand into her own sizzling boy toy. Sex in the cramped shower cubicle, where all manner of acts can be washed off with running water! This story contains a load of blowjobs, fingering, shower play and a good lot of sex in the shower!

This is a story guaranteed to overheat your e-reader!

Sample paragraphs:

A small gasp escaped Lisa’s mouth. If only she knew how good it’ll feel before he fingered her, she would have let him do her in a heartbeat. Lisa felt James humping her rhythmically and the delights friction afforded them both as he slid his meat up and down inside her. She saw his warm throbbing member slide up the folds of her velvety softness and tightened her abdominal muscles each time he was deep inside her. Lisa watched James’ relaxed face change into one of pleasant surprise in obvious amusement as her slit milked his member for everything it was worth. She could tell he was going to come soon.

Catching the running shower head from the corner of her eye, Lisa reached over and pulled it from its holster. Since James obviously had no intention of cleaning her jell-O laden body, she might as well multitask and clean herself. She hoped James would like water play as much as she did. Turning the shower head on herself, Lisa rubbed the jell-O off her body, massaging her breasts seductively as she did so. From the way James looked at her, he either liked it, or was so near the edge he cared not what she did. Either way, Lisa certainly relished in the attention and gratification James was sending her way.

As always, it's only $2.99, thanks for all your support! :)

EDIT: You can now get it on Amazon!

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