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Links to all my far :)

Hello blog! Haven't updated you in weeks!

Here's an update on my writing 'career', I currently have 72 titles out, am compiling a paranormal anthology and also doing a threeway bundle with two other awesome authors! Because they don't want to link to smashwords, I'm going to link the back of the bundles to the blog post here where I've compiled links to all of my titles. Yup. So without further ado, here's a comprehensive list of all of my titles, as of 8 Apr 12!

Other books by Annabel Bastione include:

When Kate, a high school cheerleader, runs off with Mark's bag on a whim, Mark, the track athlete of her dreams follows her into the school's secluded locker room to get it back. But will Mark get more than just the bag back? This is A Locker Room Encounter, a story so hot your e-reader could overheat! 

Jasmine reminds Anthony of his ex-wife during their younger, hornier days and he would do anything to relive them once again. When Jasmine fails her driving test and is willing to do anything to pass, will Anthony take her up on her offer?

Hot shower sex! What more could Lisa want? When she stumbles onto James showering in her college dorm room, she decides to turn her roommate's one night stand into her own sizzling boy toy. Sex in the cramped shower cubicle, where all manner of acts can be washed off with running water! This story contains a load of blowjobs, fingering, shower play and a good lot of sex in the shower! 

2 men, 1 deserted island, ZERO INHIBITIONS! Robin has been washed up on the island of despair for several years, with no one to talk to or love, until he meets a tribal savage called Friday. Can Robin control his urges before he is consumed by his desire for Friday's muscular, toned body? Warning: Not for the prudish or easily offended, this parody may be too hot to handle! 

Jerry, fresh from a messy breakup and thirsty for cock, prowls the gay club in search for a rebound sex partner. There, he meets the most handsome man he has ever seen. Feeling mutual attraction, and finding themselves in the club bathroom, how far will they go to have each other? Prepare for impending hot action! 

The sequel to Blow Me in the Bathroom, Jerry is taken back to Scott's studio apartment. Both of them are drunk and pretty horny. Jerry finds Scott blowing him in the middle of the night and he can barely wait until the next morning to finish the job! This may be a story too steamy to handle!

The final part of the Blow Me trilogy, Jerry and Scott have the most sensual and explicit sex they ever had the morning after. Sated and in love, they head down to the local diner for breakfast. But Jerry has more exotic tastes for Scott on the menu...

This is Blow Me in the Bundle, containing the entire trilogy of the Blow Me series + one BONUS story by Audrey Watt. Four sizzling MM stories at a huge discount compared to the usual price of $11.96! 15000 words of explicit, hot action await! [Contains explicit MM action, blowjobs, anal, voyeurism and more! Adults only!]

Our nameless protagonist stays back in the office on a Friday night. Stressed from his high pressure job and his overbearing boss, he heads to the pantry for a drink. Meeting his boss, Ms Barbara Sadom, he accidentally offends her. Did he get more than he bargained for when she decides to 'punish' him for his 'crimes'? Prepare for impending story of awesomeness! 

When Travis gets caught masturbating at the office on a Friday night, he finds himself at the mercy of Roger. Forced to follow him to the meeting room, he meets his hot tempered femdom boss Ms Adriana Firestrom surprisingly, his stepbrother Max! Join Travis as he gets more than he bargained for at the office on a lonely Friday night!

Wondering why the light in his boss' office is still on, Terry walks in only to catch Izzy, his normally timid and demure superior, watching BDSM porn! Suddenly she's not the friendly Izzy that he knew anymore, she's Mistress Isobel, and she's giving Terry a punishment he'll never forget!

Stuck in yet another mind-numbing, soul-sucking corporate meeting, Terry finds some excuse to leave with Izzy, his boss and his domme. Now they're in her office, alone with an hour to spare. With Izzy turning into the dominating Mistress Isobel, Terry can only bend over and receive a punishment that'll make his day!

This bundle will fulfill all your ultimate fantasies to be dominated by your demanding lady boss! For guys that can't help but submit and gals that love the power, these stories are for you! Over 14000 words of steamy action!

When the werewolf and his stepbrother Stefan enter the spooky forest intent on passing through, they did not count on meeting a hostile Dryad, Lillian who uses vines like tentacles! How far will they go as Lillian's 'plaything' so that she allows them to pass through the forest unharmed? Story contains furries, werewolf-dryad sex, tentacle play, double penetration and extreme sexual situations.

The werewolf stepbrothers have traversed the forest, and now need to cross a dangerous canyon to reach the town on the horizon. Their journey becomes even more perilous when their supplies are stolen. Cornering the tribal shaman thief, he eyes them lustfully, and makes them a deal they cannot resist. An MM/m story. The sequel to Pack Pals in Treeing Some Cooch.

The Pack Pals finally arrive in town, only to have a vampire trailing them! Sensing the unfriendly presence, Stefan rushes to confront him, only to find out that his father's held captive in the ice palace across the tundra! A map is needed to get there, and luckily, the vampire has one. The only problem? It's hidden deep inside his ass! How far will the Pack Pals go to get it out? 

The pack pals now cross the frozen tundra... only to get caught in a blistering snow storm! Cold and helpless despite being werewolves, things seem very bleak, until they are saved by a white furry yeti. Filled with gratitude to their paranormal savior, the pack pals thank him with the only way they know how: a threesome, of course!

This anthology comprises the first four stories of the Pack Pals series! Join the protagonist and his werewolf pal Stefan as they double team dryads, shamans, vampires and even a yeti while in search of Stefan's werewolf father. Over 16000 words of hot paranormal action at a discounted price! 

Lost inside the House of Mirrors, Clara finds herself fantasizing about her step daddy and touching herself in a dark corner, only to get caught by her step daddy himself! Now that her secret is exposed, what will her step daddy, Mike, do to 'comfort' her? Prepare yourself for a story so sextreme your e-reader may blow! All characters are above the age of 18. 

Mighty Gaius Julius Caesar is warned of the Ides of March, but he ignores the warning. Walking into the senate, he is fallen upon by seven conspirators, who each take their turns to have fun with... and to fuck the life out of Caesar! Join Caesar on his epic dubiously consensual adventure on his way to the underworld!

Join Caesar as he ventures into the underworld looking for demon ass, and power in the sequel to the historical epic, Tossing Caesar's Salad! Between the demon boatman c'Hard-on and three-headed dog Sexberus, there can only be more sizzling action as he seeks out Gaydes, lord of the underworld, for passage home!

Awake, Caesar now faces the trials of the three demon judges. He has to show character, both emotional and carnal to pass. Will he succeed in gaining an audience with Gaydes, ruler of the underworld? Even if Gaydes allows Caesar audience, what does he have to offer to a God, who literally has the world? Why, his own ass of course! A DDD/m followed by a DmD story. D=Demon!

Gaius Julius Caesar's back from hell, and ready for revenge! Starting with Dickus Maximus, he sexes his way up to the conspiring senators that gangbanged him so brutally to death before. Now that the mighty Caesar has them all in the senate's orgy room surrounded by his crack team of mercenaries, it's finally time for Caesar to enjoy his sizzling dish of sexual vengeance... 

Sara is missing... until Daddy finds her in the attic trying on mommy's sexy black leather! It instantly reminds Daddy of the fun times he had and how Sara has grown into the splitting image of her mother. Can Daddy stay in control or will he lose it and beg to be dominated by his kinky stepdaughter? The action can only get hotter when uncle Bryan chances upon them! All characters are over 18. 

Previously with Daddy's help, Sara discovered her inner Domme... and now that she's caught Daddy taking his gay lover from behind, she can't help but touch herself while watching. When they catch her, she offers to dominate them again... This is the sequel to Annabel Bastione's hottest femdom/PI title, My Daughter the Domme.

When Uncle Bryan comes home one day to find his stepdaughter dominating his gay partner, she immediately orders him to join in the fun with whipping and rough fucking! Uncle Bryan has no choice but to do his best to please his mistress... and discover new kinks he's never known before! An MmF story. 

In the My Kinky Family trilogy. Follow the deviant adventures of Sara and her two stepdaddies as they explore previously undiscovered naughty sides! Over 18000 words of steamy action! Bundle also includes a bonus hit story from popular erotica author Lula Lisbon!

Roy's sex life is nothing but dull and dreary, until a one night stand passes him a note. Following its directions to a playground late at night, he finds more than one player waiting for him! 

Drunk, pissed and horny, Roxy attends an rehab meeting due to family intervention. When she sees how depressed and defeated everyone is, she secretly spikes their drinks with the whiskey she brought. Now that everyone's as drunk as her, how far is she willing to go to get everyone to 'loosen up'?

The final exams are over and Brad's invited Megan to the Delta Sigma Pi frat party of the year! She only sees him as a friend when she's sober, but after a few drinks Brad suddenly becomes a lot sexier than she'd thought. Things can only get wilder when college slut Claire and Tom the staggering drunk joins them in a... frat party foursome.

Conceited handsome hunk Blow White wakes up in a cottage to the sight of seven incredibly hot girls in this parody of a well known fable. Desperate to have a place to stay for the night, he tells his story and begs for their hospitality. Little does he know these girls also know how to 'treat' their new guest well...

When Ms Applegale's CEO invites her into his office for a late-night drink to 'calm her nerves', their constant flirting turns her on no end. Unbeknownst to her, he's bi, has a gay lover, and is also.. a vampire? Suddenly, she's plunged into the paranormal world, having a threesome beyond her wildest imagination.

Waking up in a morgue, Penny Applegale finds that she wasn’t just dreaming – she did become a vampire last night! Confused, she wanders onto the streets, only to be kidnapped by a vampire clan that wants to “train” her newfound powers!

Shrugging off her vampire mentor's warnings about werewolves, Penny continues wandering in the night, looking for unsuspecting victims to feed. That is, until a pack of werewolves corner her. With nowhere to run, she offers up her body, giving her some time at least, to enjoy herself, and plan her escape...

Group Fuck Bundle contains not one, not two, but FOUR sizzling tales of decadent group sex, varying from gangbangs to swingers, from science fiction to fairy tale madness. If you prefer hot action multiplied by many more people, this is one affordable bundle you simply can't miss!

This bundle brings you three sizzling m/f erotic stories that are perfect to read with your partner or just to get in the warm, fuzzy v-day mood. Over 9000 words of fun that could possibly melt your heart this Valentine's day at an affordable price!

Little Red Riding Hood goes to see her grandma in this naughty parody. Her visit turns sour when the evil woodcutter holds grandma hostage and lustfully attacks Red. Thankfully the Big Bad Werewolf interrupts the action and saves her! Still aroused from the woodcutter's advances, how far will Red go to repay her hero?

Ms Evelyn, the secretary to CEO Todd Howell, arrives at Todd's mansion to plan out a party that he's hosting. Like all other women at the firm, she's had her eye on him the whole time she's worked there. Caught wandering in his sprawling garage, her guilt turns into joy as she discovers he's a fan of motorbikes like her! Alone in his garage, just how bold will Ms Evelyn get to win his heart?

She's fierce, commanding and very dominating. She's also Recruit Johnson's drill sergeant! And when she catches him fidgeting when standing at attention, he doesn't know what to expect when told to see her in her office. Of course, he's to be punished for his lack of discipline... by bending over!

The Sexy Adventures of Sabrina the Slutty Spy Series
Her mission is to deliver a memory chip filled with sensitive, valuable information home. Join Sabrina the Slutty Spy as she fucks her way to success!

Yep that's about it. If you find any that might suit your fancy, please do check it out! :)


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