Friday, 25 May 2012

The big 100.

After publishing ~830000 words, this is my... one, hundredth, title. (I think) (spread across 2 pen names)

Get your 50% off copy at with the coupon code TJ72X. Good for this weekend! 

Where will I go from here? I'm staring at creating a few other new pen names, experimenting with longer titles, raunchier content etc. I don't know, really. For now, I'm thinking of taking a few days off (again) to research on how to write longer stories with more plot, instead of just banging out a short a day.

Oh, I'll make sure the free anthology becomes the 101st release!

It's been a pretty wild 4.5 months with many ups and downs. But thank you, readers, for being there and motivating me to write more.

I'll post another cover when I hit 200 titles (like that's ever going to happen). 

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