Sunday, 29 January 2012

20th title!

Welp! I know I've pubbed 15 books, but I have written another 4 already and am working on my 20th title!

What should it be? Sequel to Tossing Caesar's Salad or a stand alone?

Saturday, 28 January 2012

In a rut.

I'm literally in a rut.

No, I'm not burnt out yet, writing and pubbing 14 books in over 2.5 weeks, but now i feel pretty stuck in the sales category. I enjoy writing the stories, but somehow I don't seem to be selling much of them. I probably need some selling advice too haha.

Still, for what it's worth, I've published 'Blow Me in the Studio' and 'Furry Forest Fuckfest'. All available at the usual channels. You'll find it if you search for it.

Not like anyone reads this anyway.


Thursday, 26 January 2012

eBooks now available on more places!


Besides Smashwords, Amazon, ARe and BS, I'm now also publishing on and If you check those other sites you'l be sure to find my selection there too!

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Ah ha! My new MMMmMMMM history epic is out! Tossing Caesar's Salad!

Hi! For all you gay erotica lovers out there, and historical lovers too! My new release, "Tossing Caesar's Salad" is out!

Tossing Caesar's Salad

Description: Mighty Gaius Julius Caesar is warned of the Ides of March, yet he ignores the warning. Walking into the senate, he is felled upon by seven other conspirators, taking their turns to have fun with... and fuck the life out of Caesar! Join Caesar on his epic dubious consensual adventure on his way to the underworld!

Warning: This story contains multiple partners, orgies, group sex, gay sex, oral, anal and death by orgasm!

Excerpt: "Mighty Caesar," he seethed, "there's a rage in me that can only be quenched by your body. How dare you refuse when all of Rome petitions you! You may be the ruler of Rome, but Rome is nothing without its people!"
"Wait!" A shout rang in the air.
We all turned to find the source. It was Dickero, what was he adding to the confusion now?
He ran over, pushing himself through the crowd. Dropping his pants to reveal another hard cock, he stood there, hands on his hips as if he were showing it off.
"Quintus!" he bellowed, "I love virgins, you said if it came to this, I shall have the first taste!"
All eyes now fell upon Quintus.
"Yes, as agreed, you get to have him first."
What in the name of Jupiter were they talking about? Their gaze turned to me. My heart raced as I instantly understood.
Dickero approached me, barging into my personal space, until our faces were no less than three inches apart. He raised his hand, to stroke my cheek, caressing its soft skin.
"That's a good boy. Now bend over!" he commanded.

Available at AmazonSmashwordsAllRomanceeBooks and Bookstrand for only $2.99! Get yours today! :D

Part 3 of Sabrina Spy series out! It's called Man in the Boat!

Hi everyone! On this lonely weekday night, I have a new release! It's part 3 of the Sexy Misadventures of Sabrina the Slutty Spy!

The Sexy Misadventures of Sabrina the Slutty Spy
Part 3: Man in the Boat

Description: After thrilling sex at terminal velocity, Sabrina wakes up to find herself on a boat in the middle of an idyllic with a handsome hunk doing mouth to mouth on her! Turns out she landed in the water and he saved her life. Sabrina is super grateful to him, but how far is she willing to go to show her gratitude?! Join Sabrina in the exciting 3rd installment of the series today!

Warning: This story contains a lot of flirting, erotica romance, oral sex and outdoor sex.


"Ms Sabrina," Dave replied, coyly cocking one eyebrow, "Are you flirting with me?"
"That would depend on…," Making sure he saw her sway her hips slightly, "whether you want me to, of course."
It was the perfect response. Dave felt reason slowly losing grip as his uninhibited desires took over.
He wanted to take Sabrina, and fuck the living daylights out of her right there in his rowboat. If he did so, he reasoned, he would probably have the inspiration to write anything. Dave noticed Sabrina's lips inching closer and closer to his.
"I feel, kind of breathless again, could you give me some…Mouth to mouth again?" Sabrina whispered, fluttering her eyelashes.
Her face was so close to his, he could feel her sweet, warm breath on his slightly sun burnt skin. Dave knew he was going to lose control.

As usual, it's available on SmashwordsAllRomanceeBooks and Bookstrand for only $2.99!

Thanks for all your support! :)

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Part 2 of the Sabrina Spy Series! Sex at terminal velocity! :O

Hi! New release! And I'm learning more about formatting. I have shortened the front alot, and put links to my other titles so people can find them easily. Hooray!

The Sexy Adventures of Sabrina the Slutty Spy
Part 2: Freefall

Description: Sex in a flying helicopter was great. What could possibly top that feat? How about boning a guy in a detached seat while hurtling towards the ground at terminal velocity? Boning the very same guy that pulled the 'eject seat' lever on you? Could you stand it? Join Sabrina the slutty spy on what is probably her strangest adventure yet!

Excerpt: "You motherfucking asshole! Well, since we ARE going to die after all, why the hell not."
Sabrina felt aroused too. Strangely Leon's proposal sent an unexpected tinge of pleasure straight down to her pussy. She had never done it in freefall before, and it could be very well the last epic thing she was about to do with her short, adrenaline charged life. Even if the sorry excuse for a human being in front of her fucked her twice, he did save her from being raped and what difference does it make if she let him do it one last time. She might as well immerse herself in carnal debauchery for what it was worth.
The seatbelt tied to her waist ensured she would never go far from the falling seat. Sabrina undid Leon's zipper for quite possibly the last time, reaching in to pull out his aroused dick. She gripped it with both hands, staring it at in slight amazement. It stood erect, throbbing harder than ever, ready for the wildest ride of its life before becoming as dead as the human it was attached to. Leon sure recovered quick, or is this still considered part of one long sex session? She thought as she positioned it between her legs and started stroking it.
Leon moaned before he could stop himself. What's come over me? His mind raced to find the answer as he found his normal, disciplined himself being stimulated too easily. Could it be the adrenaline due to being in freefall? It was possible that his extenuating circumstances made this experience totally novel and super stimulating for him. Normally he could last for hours at his peak, but now, holding on to the seat for dear life, he felt he could come any second now.

Available on SmashwordsAllRomanceeBooks and Bookstrand for only $2.99!

Ha hah! New release! :D Robinson Crusoe Parody anyone?

This idea came to me when I woke up from my afternoon nap. How about a Robinson Crusoe parody? A few hours of writing and editing later. Viola~


Robinson Crude Sex

Description: 2 men, 1 deserted island, ZERO INHIBITIONS! Robin has been washed up on the island of despair for several years, with no one to talk to or love, until he meets a tribal savage called Friday. Can Robin control his urges before he is consumed by his desire for Friday's muscular, toned body? Warning: Warning: Not for the prudish or easily offended, this parody may be too hot to handle!


"Robin sir, stay on me." Friday whispered, feeling his face grow hotter. The sight of Robin's gruff face and his warm body so close to his own greatly aroused him on his end too.
Their lips grew closer and closer to each other, slowly breaking the two inch gap between them. Feeling Friday's erect cock starting to throb, Robin could take it no longer.
His arms shot out, wrapping Friday in his tight, warm embrace as he locked lips with him, exchanging copious amounts of saliva in a wet sloppy kiss. Friday responded with earnest, Robin felt so cold to him before, but now he felt like from now on Robin would open himself up to him and be a treasured friend.
Their tongues danced and frolicked inside each other's mouths, consuming and being consumed by the other. Robin gently sucked on Friday's lower lip as Friday reached down to stroke Robin's throbbing erect cock.

Available on SmashwordsAmazonAllRomanceeBooks and Bookstrand for only $2.99!

Busy writing, as usual.

Hi whoever's reading.

Finally, some of you say. A blog post not about new releases! Would ya look at that. Well, I have just finished writing my 13th story. And today I found out I had some buried sales on bookstrand! Hooray! Turns out in the sales reports on bookstrand, by default they only show sales for the current day, so what happened when I asked for the sales in the whole of Jan so far? BOOM! 3 whole sales that I had never noticed! So hooray! And thank you for buying, whoever you are. It's people like you that encourage me to continue writing.

Also, cover design is something I have to actively work on too. After taking advice from some fellow erotica authors, I wrote my latest story, "Reflections of Daddy's Lust" and designed the cover according to their input. And I woke up today seeing 2 sales overnight! Hurrah yet again!

So here you go, a blog post not about new releases. I would like to thank whoever has bought my work and those who have given me advice and helped me in one way or another.

And to everyone supporting my literary endeavors, thank you so much! :)

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Hello! Yet another new release! :D

Hi all! Yes, I know, I don't blog about anything else other than new releases. Maybe I'll try to give some insight into my life and the process of writing some other time, but rather than come up with inane blog posts, I think readers would prefer new releases at a quicker rate, no? :D

Anyways, new book. My first pseudo-cest erotica. I know, I'm exploring alot of erotica genres right now, just let me explore and find my niche alright? :)

Reflections Of Daddy's Lust
Summary: Lost inside the House of Mirrors, Clara finds herself fantasizing about her step daddy and touching herself in a dark corner, only to get caught by her step daddy himself! Now that her secret is exposed, what will her step daddy, Mike, do to 'comfort' her? Prepare yourself for a story so sextreme your e-reader may blow!

"I'm sorry, I… I don't know what's come over me." Mike sheepishly said as he rubbed his hands on her bare back before moving down to give her tight, firm ass a gentle squeeze. His own face turned red from shame and embarrassment. This was his stepdaughter, whom he loved like his own, but she looked too much like her mother.
"It's alright Daddy," Clara purred, "All this while when you were with mom, I have always wanted you. I have always thought of you every night before I go to sleep, your handsome face, your strong body, and your long thick willy between your legs. Oh, I have thought of it going inside me every time I get horny and start touching myself," a breathless, slightly sobbing Clara continued.
"Please forgive me Daddy, but I've always wanted to feel what mom felt when she was alone in the bedroom it you." Clara said at last.
That set Mike off as he lost all reason and control of his body.

As usual, it is available on Smashwords (use coupon code JC58P for 100% off normal price! valid till 23/1/12)AllRomanceeBooks and Bookstrand for only $2.99!

Thanks for all your support!:)

Friday, 20 January 2012

Man I'm on a roll! New release: Office Bondage Fuck Party

Hi y'all! Hope everyone's going to have a great weekend! I know I released 2 books yesterday, today I'm going to release one more! It's my first BDSM story for y'all to see! :D

Office Bondage Fuck Party

Summary: Our nameless protagonist stays back in the office on a Friday night. Stressed from his high pressure job and his overbearing boss, he heads to the pantry for a drink. Meeting his boss, Ms Barbara Sadom, he accidentally offends her. Did he get more than he bargained for when she decides to 'punish' him for his 'crimes'? Prepare for impending story of awesomeness! 

WARNING: This sizzling story contains a ton of fucking, bdsm, rope, whipping, spanking, oral, anal, and double penetration! Not for the faint hearted or easily offended.

Sample Paragraphs: "How DARE you! You! A lowly cog in the corporate machine, saying such things to your boss… your MASTER!" She sputtered.
I jumped back in surprise, subconsciously giving a little yelp.
"I'm sorry… I… I…" I started in vain. She did not listen.
"Get down on your knees NOW! You DOG! I OWN you! How dare you touch me like that! Where is my whip?!"
I knelt down, groveling on the ground begging for Ms. Barbara's forgiveness. Wait, what? Whip?
Something about what she said was not right here. Why would she need a whip?
"Isn't a whip kinda… over doing it?" I helpfully volunteered.
She turned back to face me; I will never forget that expression on her face: one that screamed of cold fury. Of course, I was the one who set her off, I was a bad, bad boy, and she needed to punish me.

It's currently out on  SmashwordsAmazon, AllRomanceeBooks and Bookstrand

I know right! I did not believe I was capable of writing this stuff, but here it is haha. Hope you like it! :)

Friday Double Release! My first gay story and my first book in a series!

Reward yourself this friday with not one, but two Annabel Bastione new releases!

It is a monumental day where I write my first SERIES and my first GAY stories! HOORAY!

My first series:

The Sexy Misadventures of Sabrina the Slutty Spy, Part 1: Escape!

Summary: Sex on a flying helicopter! Captured for spying, Sabrina's captor was about to rape her when her mysterious knight in shining armor Leon intervened to save her. On their way home via helicopter, filled with gratitude, how far will Sabrina go to thank her savior? This story contains blowjobs, sex in the seating position and anal sex. Not for the faint hearted or easily offended. Prepare for impending awesomeness!

Sample Paragraphs: With her bra off, there was nothing separating Leon from Sabrina's shapely knockers. He dove in once again, his hands gently kneading, rubbing, and squeezing them as he latched on to her left nipple, licking and sucking it. A small gasp escaped from Sabrina as felt her nipples harden from the stimulation, all the more aroused by his actions. She reached down, stroking his member through the khaki fabric Leon wore, feeling it grow harder and harder with every stroke.

Undoing the zipper of his camouflage patterned khakis, she boldly reached in and took his rod out. Dayum. It was far longer and thicker than she expected, and it was throbbing so hard for her. Stroking it, thoughts of how it would taste kept resurfacing in her mind like bubbles in soda pop. Fantasy turned into reality as she got off his lap and knelt down, taking it in her mouth. Leon's face turned into one of pure ecstasy as he looked down at the cute little spy girl tasting his warm, throbbing love stick. It was obvious he approved of her actions. From the corner of his eye he spotted the pilot turning around giving him a thumbs-up. Leon smiled, returned the gesture and crossed his fingers, hoping Sabrina had no issues of the pilot "checking" on them from time to time, an obvious standard safety procedure.

Get it from SmashwordsAllRomanceeBooks or Bookstrand today! Will be out on Amazon soon!

My first gay story:

Blow Me in the Bathroom

Summary: Jerry, fresh from a messy breakup and thirsty for cock, prowls the gay club in search for a rebound sex partner. There, he meets the most handsome man he has ever seen. Feeling mutual attraction, and finding themselves in the club bathroom, how far will they go to have each other? Prepare for impending hot action!

Sample paragraphs: He moved his mouth forward for a deep throat. That warm, soft meaty feeling engulfing the entire length of his dick overwhelmed Scott. He tapped Jerry on the shoulder.
"I'm gonna come, move." Scott said in between breaths.
Jerry did not budge.
"I'm gonna come, MOVE!" Scott repeated, louder this time.
Scott's erect member was still engulfed in Jerry's hot mouth. Scott was frantic, did Jerry not hear him? In desperation, he tried one last time.
"JERRY! I'M GON- AHHH!" It was too late. Jerry felt Scott's body spasm as went past the point of no return. Scott writhed on the spot, his throbbing member twitched rhythmically, spilling his hot, sticky seed straight down Jerry's throat.
Jerry swallowed what he could, but there was more cum squirted out than what his throat could take. Scott saw his cum leaking out the side of his mouth, dripping off his chin. It looked so hot Scott knew this was not the end of the night. When he finally stopped twitching, Jerry finally took the cock out of his mouth, licking his lips, making sure not to waste a single drop of Scott's precious liquid, never taking his eyes off Scott's beautiful face.
Scott did not expect Jerry to swallow, but now he wondered if he could see Jerry again after tonight. Jerry stood up, unzipping his pants to reveal a similarly long, erect member. It was glistening in pre-cum from all the earlier excitement.

Get it on SmashwordsBlow Me in the Bathroom, or Bookstrand today! Like the story above, it will be out on Amazon shortly.

Each costs only $2.99!

Thanks for all your support! :)

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

New Release: She's Wet and Wild!

I have a new book up on  Smashwords ,  AllRomanceeBooks  and  Bookstrand! The Amazon one is coming up soon!

It's called:

She's Wet and Wild!

Summary: Hot shower sex! What more could Lisa want? When she stumbles onto James showering in her college dorm room, she decides to turn her roommate's one night stand into her own sizzling boy toy. Sex in the cramped shower cubicle, where all manner of acts can be washed off with running water! This story contains a load of blowjobs, fingering, shower play and a good lot of sex in the shower!

This is a story guaranteed to overheat your e-reader!

Sample paragraphs:

A small gasp escaped Lisa’s mouth. If only she knew how good it’ll feel before he fingered her, she would have let him do her in a heartbeat. Lisa felt James humping her rhythmically and the delights friction afforded them both as he slid his meat up and down inside her. She saw his warm throbbing member slide up the folds of her velvety softness and tightened her abdominal muscles each time he was deep inside her. Lisa watched James’ relaxed face change into one of pleasant surprise in obvious amusement as her slit milked his member for everything it was worth. She could tell he was going to come soon.

Catching the running shower head from the corner of her eye, Lisa reached over and pulled it from its holster. Since James obviously had no intention of cleaning her jell-O laden body, she might as well multitask and clean herself. She hoped James would like water play as much as she did. Turning the shower head on herself, Lisa rubbed the jell-O off her body, massaging her breasts seductively as she did so. From the way James looked at her, he either liked it, or was so near the edge he cared not what she did. Either way, Lisa certainly relished in the attention and gratification James was sending her way.

As always, it's only $2.99, thanks for all your support! :)

EDIT: You can now get it on Amazon!

Monday, 16 January 2012

Lust, Licence - New book released!

New book released!

Lust, Licence

When Jasmine fails her driving test, she’ll do anything for Anthony so that he can pass her. She reminds him of his ex-wife during their younger, hornier days. Will Anthony take the bait, using Jasmine to relive his sexual experiences earlier in life once again? This story contains lots of oral, fondling and good ol' fashioned sex in the backseat. Whatever your preferences, it's sure to satisfy!

Here's a peek:
Their surroundings were quiet and secluded, the car - a secret world for the both of them. They could scream, yell in passionate joy and enjoy each other’s bodies without fear or favour. It was bubble where Jasmine could let herself go, to try out all the naughty things she had ever wanted to do. Anthony’s touch pleased her, thanks to his carnal experiences in his younger days. She found herself getting wetter with every stroke of Anthony’s hand on her denim shorts.

Anthony watched as Jasmine reached towards her shorts to pull them down. It was a clear sign to take things to the next level. He helped her pull her shorts off her long, slender legs, noticing a conspicuous wet patch on her pink lacy panties. He felt thirsty and knew the perfect thing to quench his lust.

You can get it on:

for only $2.99!

Feedback is most important to me right now so for a limited time only if you download the smashwords version, please take 5 minutes of your time to write me a review/give me feedback either back on smashwords or emailing me directly.
Have fun!

EDIT: I've received feedback from a lot of people that I should change the cover image coz the fonts and everything was unreadable. Soo, I did, here is the new cover! Book with old cover still available on because I don't know how to edit books that I've published there. :(

If anyone knows, leave a comment or drop me a mail! Thanks!

Friday, 13 January 2012

New release: A Locker Room Encounter

Hi everybody! This is my debut book release!

Kate’s a high school cheerleader who’s curious about boys. Mark’s a track athlete who’s really into Kate. The only things they have in common is that they’re both virgins and very, very horny. Thing’s come to a peak when Kate runs off into a secluded locker room with Mark’s bag of dirty magazines. What will Mark do to get it back?

Here's an excerpt:

Mark’s tongue caressed her pussy, twisting, stroking, and playing. It playfully slid itself in and out again, licking the exterior in a circular motion. He heard Kate’s soft moans as he did that, concluding he was on the right track. With his tongue, he gently prodded the hood of the clitoris, as if asking it to come out and play. Alternating between attacking the clitoris and the inside of her pussy, Mark soon sank into a routine Kate moaned for.

Kate could hardly think properly anymore. Her mind rose to the heavens as her body writhed in pure ecstasy. With previous unkind memories of masturbation overwritten by this sweet experience, Kate wondered out loud if using Mark’s fingers would do any good. Mark took the hint and began rubbing Kate’s pussy gently, letting her body get used to his hands before entering her. Kate could stand it no longer. 

If you like it please support me! :)
You can buy it at SmashwordsAmazonAllRomanceeBooks,  or Bookstrand for only $2.99!

Working on publishing on other sites too! Will update when progress is made. :)