Friday, 20 January 2012

Man I'm on a roll! New release: Office Bondage Fuck Party

Hi y'all! Hope everyone's going to have a great weekend! I know I released 2 books yesterday, today I'm going to release one more! It's my first BDSM story for y'all to see! :D

Office Bondage Fuck Party

Summary: Our nameless protagonist stays back in the office on a Friday night. Stressed from his high pressure job and his overbearing boss, he heads to the pantry for a drink. Meeting his boss, Ms Barbara Sadom, he accidentally offends her. Did he get more than he bargained for when she decides to 'punish' him for his 'crimes'? Prepare for impending story of awesomeness! 

WARNING: This sizzling story contains a ton of fucking, bdsm, rope, whipping, spanking, oral, anal, and double penetration! Not for the faint hearted or easily offended.

Sample Paragraphs: "How DARE you! You! A lowly cog in the corporate machine, saying such things to your boss… your MASTER!" She sputtered.
I jumped back in surprise, subconsciously giving a little yelp.
"I'm sorry… I… I…" I started in vain. She did not listen.
"Get down on your knees NOW! You DOG! I OWN you! How dare you touch me like that! Where is my whip?!"
I knelt down, groveling on the ground begging for Ms. Barbara's forgiveness. Wait, what? Whip?
Something about what she said was not right here. Why would she need a whip?
"Isn't a whip kinda… over doing it?" I helpfully volunteered.
She turned back to face me; I will never forget that expression on her face: one that screamed of cold fury. Of course, I was the one who set her off, I was a bad, bad boy, and she needed to punish me.

It's currently out on  SmashwordsAmazon, AllRomanceeBooks and Bookstrand

I know right! I did not believe I was capable of writing this stuff, but here it is haha. Hope you like it! :)

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