Saturday, 21 January 2012

Hello! Yet another new release! :D

Hi all! Yes, I know, I don't blog about anything else other than new releases. Maybe I'll try to give some insight into my life and the process of writing some other time, but rather than come up with inane blog posts, I think readers would prefer new releases at a quicker rate, no? :D

Anyways, new book. My first pseudo-cest erotica. I know, I'm exploring alot of erotica genres right now, just let me explore and find my niche alright? :)

Reflections Of Daddy's Lust
Summary: Lost inside the House of Mirrors, Clara finds herself fantasizing about her step daddy and touching herself in a dark corner, only to get caught by her step daddy himself! Now that her secret is exposed, what will her step daddy, Mike, do to 'comfort' her? Prepare yourself for a story so sextreme your e-reader may blow!

"I'm sorry, I… I don't know what's come over me." Mike sheepishly said as he rubbed his hands on her bare back before moving down to give her tight, firm ass a gentle squeeze. His own face turned red from shame and embarrassment. This was his stepdaughter, whom he loved like his own, but she looked too much like her mother.
"It's alright Daddy," Clara purred, "All this while when you were with mom, I have always wanted you. I have always thought of you every night before I go to sleep, your handsome face, your strong body, and your long thick willy between your legs. Oh, I have thought of it going inside me every time I get horny and start touching myself," a breathless, slightly sobbing Clara continued.
"Please forgive me Daddy, but I've always wanted to feel what mom felt when she was alone in the bedroom it you." Clara said at last.
That set Mike off as he lost all reason and control of his body.

As usual, it is available on Smashwords (use coupon code JC58P for 100% off normal price! valid till 23/1/12)AllRomanceeBooks and Bookstrand for only $2.99!

Thanks for all your support!:)

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