Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Ah ha! My new MMMmMMMM history epic is out! Tossing Caesar's Salad!

Hi! For all you gay erotica lovers out there, and historical lovers too! My new release, "Tossing Caesar's Salad" is out!

Tossing Caesar's Salad

Description: Mighty Gaius Julius Caesar is warned of the Ides of March, yet he ignores the warning. Walking into the senate, he is felled upon by seven other conspirators, taking their turns to have fun with... and fuck the life out of Caesar! Join Caesar on his epic dubious consensual adventure on his way to the underworld!

Warning: This story contains multiple partners, orgies, group sex, gay sex, oral, anal and death by orgasm!

Excerpt: "Mighty Caesar," he seethed, "there's a rage in me that can only be quenched by your body. How dare you refuse when all of Rome petitions you! You may be the ruler of Rome, but Rome is nothing without its people!"
"Wait!" A shout rang in the air.
We all turned to find the source. It was Dickero, what was he adding to the confusion now?
He ran over, pushing himself through the crowd. Dropping his pants to reveal another hard cock, he stood there, hands on his hips as if he were showing it off.
"Quintus!" he bellowed, "I love virgins, you said if it came to this, I shall have the first taste!"
All eyes now fell upon Quintus.
"Yes, as agreed, you get to have him first."
What in the name of Jupiter were they talking about? Their gaze turned to me. My heart raced as I instantly understood.
Dickero approached me, barging into my personal space, until our faces were no less than three inches apart. He raised his hand, to stroke my cheek, caressing its soft skin.
"That's a good boy. Now bend over!" he commanded.

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