Sunday, 22 January 2012

Ha hah! New release! :D Robinson Crusoe Parody anyone?

This idea came to me when I woke up from my afternoon nap. How about a Robinson Crusoe parody? A few hours of writing and editing later. Viola~


Robinson Crude Sex

Description: 2 men, 1 deserted island, ZERO INHIBITIONS! Robin has been washed up on the island of despair for several years, with no one to talk to or love, until he meets a tribal savage called Friday. Can Robin control his urges before he is consumed by his desire for Friday's muscular, toned body? Warning: Warning: Not for the prudish or easily offended, this parody may be too hot to handle!


"Robin sir, stay on me." Friday whispered, feeling his face grow hotter. The sight of Robin's gruff face and his warm body so close to his own greatly aroused him on his end too.
Their lips grew closer and closer to each other, slowly breaking the two inch gap between them. Feeling Friday's erect cock starting to throb, Robin could take it no longer.
His arms shot out, wrapping Friday in his tight, warm embrace as he locked lips with him, exchanging copious amounts of saliva in a wet sloppy kiss. Friday responded with earnest, Robin felt so cold to him before, but now he felt like from now on Robin would open himself up to him and be a treasured friend.
Their tongues danced and frolicked inside each other's mouths, consuming and being consumed by the other. Robin gently sucked on Friday's lower lip as Friday reached down to stroke Robin's throbbing erect cock.

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