Friday, 20 January 2012

Friday Double Release! My first gay story and my first book in a series!

Reward yourself this friday with not one, but two Annabel Bastione new releases!

It is a monumental day where I write my first SERIES and my first GAY stories! HOORAY!

My first series:

The Sexy Misadventures of Sabrina the Slutty Spy, Part 1: Escape!

Summary: Sex on a flying helicopter! Captured for spying, Sabrina's captor was about to rape her when her mysterious knight in shining armor Leon intervened to save her. On their way home via helicopter, filled with gratitude, how far will Sabrina go to thank her savior? This story contains blowjobs, sex in the seating position and anal sex. Not for the faint hearted or easily offended. Prepare for impending awesomeness!

Sample Paragraphs: With her bra off, there was nothing separating Leon from Sabrina's shapely knockers. He dove in once again, his hands gently kneading, rubbing, and squeezing them as he latched on to her left nipple, licking and sucking it. A small gasp escaped from Sabrina as felt her nipples harden from the stimulation, all the more aroused by his actions. She reached down, stroking his member through the khaki fabric Leon wore, feeling it grow harder and harder with every stroke.

Undoing the zipper of his camouflage patterned khakis, she boldly reached in and took his rod out. Dayum. It was far longer and thicker than she expected, and it was throbbing so hard for her. Stroking it, thoughts of how it would taste kept resurfacing in her mind like bubbles in soda pop. Fantasy turned into reality as she got off his lap and knelt down, taking it in her mouth. Leon's face turned into one of pure ecstasy as he looked down at the cute little spy girl tasting his warm, throbbing love stick. It was obvious he approved of her actions. From the corner of his eye he spotted the pilot turning around giving him a thumbs-up. Leon smiled, returned the gesture and crossed his fingers, hoping Sabrina had no issues of the pilot "checking" on them from time to time, an obvious standard safety procedure.

Get it from SmashwordsAllRomanceeBooks or Bookstrand today! Will be out on Amazon soon!

My first gay story:

Blow Me in the Bathroom

Summary: Jerry, fresh from a messy breakup and thirsty for cock, prowls the gay club in search for a rebound sex partner. There, he meets the most handsome man he has ever seen. Feeling mutual attraction, and finding themselves in the club bathroom, how far will they go to have each other? Prepare for impending hot action!

Sample paragraphs: He moved his mouth forward for a deep throat. That warm, soft meaty feeling engulfing the entire length of his dick overwhelmed Scott. He tapped Jerry on the shoulder.
"I'm gonna come, move." Scott said in between breaths.
Jerry did not budge.
"I'm gonna come, MOVE!" Scott repeated, louder this time.
Scott's erect member was still engulfed in Jerry's hot mouth. Scott was frantic, did Jerry not hear him? In desperation, he tried one last time.
"JERRY! I'M GON- AHHH!" It was too late. Jerry felt Scott's body spasm as went past the point of no return. Scott writhed on the spot, his throbbing member twitched rhythmically, spilling his hot, sticky seed straight down Jerry's throat.
Jerry swallowed what he could, but there was more cum squirted out than what his throat could take. Scott saw his cum leaking out the side of his mouth, dripping off his chin. It looked so hot Scott knew this was not the end of the night. When he finally stopped twitching, Jerry finally took the cock out of his mouth, licking his lips, making sure not to waste a single drop of Scott's precious liquid, never taking his eyes off Scott's beautiful face.
Scott did not expect Jerry to swallow, but now he wondered if he could see Jerry again after tonight. Jerry stood up, unzipping his pants to reveal a similarly long, erect member. It was glistening in pre-cum from all the earlier excitement.

Get it on SmashwordsBlow Me in the Bathroom, or Bookstrand today! Like the story above, it will be out on Amazon shortly.

Each costs only $2.99!

Thanks for all your support! :)

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