Friday, 13 January 2012

New release: A Locker Room Encounter

Hi everybody! This is my debut book release!

Kate’s a high school cheerleader who’s curious about boys. Mark’s a track athlete who’s really into Kate. The only things they have in common is that they’re both virgins and very, very horny. Thing’s come to a peak when Kate runs off into a secluded locker room with Mark’s bag of dirty magazines. What will Mark do to get it back?

Here's an excerpt:

Mark’s tongue caressed her pussy, twisting, stroking, and playing. It playfully slid itself in and out again, licking the exterior in a circular motion. He heard Kate’s soft moans as he did that, concluding he was on the right track. With his tongue, he gently prodded the hood of the clitoris, as if asking it to come out and play. Alternating between attacking the clitoris and the inside of her pussy, Mark soon sank into a routine Kate moaned for.

Kate could hardly think properly anymore. Her mind rose to the heavens as her body writhed in pure ecstasy. With previous unkind memories of masturbation overwritten by this sweet experience, Kate wondered out loud if using Mark’s fingers would do any good. Mark took the hint and began rubbing Kate’s pussy gently, letting her body get used to his hands before entering her. Kate could stand it no longer. 

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You can buy it at SmashwordsAmazonAllRomanceeBooks,  or Bookstrand for only $2.99!

Working on publishing on other sites too! Will update when progress is made. :)


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