Monday, 16 January 2012

Lust, Licence - New book released!

New book released!

Lust, Licence

When Jasmine fails her driving test, she’ll do anything for Anthony so that he can pass her. She reminds him of his ex-wife during their younger, hornier days. Will Anthony take the bait, using Jasmine to relive his sexual experiences earlier in life once again? This story contains lots of oral, fondling and good ol' fashioned sex in the backseat. Whatever your preferences, it's sure to satisfy!

Here's a peek:
Their surroundings were quiet and secluded, the car - a secret world for the both of them. They could scream, yell in passionate joy and enjoy each other’s bodies without fear or favour. It was bubble where Jasmine could let herself go, to try out all the naughty things she had ever wanted to do. Anthony’s touch pleased her, thanks to his carnal experiences in his younger days. She found herself getting wetter with every stroke of Anthony’s hand on her denim shorts.

Anthony watched as Jasmine reached towards her shorts to pull them down. It was a clear sign to take things to the next level. He helped her pull her shorts off her long, slender legs, noticing a conspicuous wet patch on her pink lacy panties. He felt thirsty and knew the perfect thing to quench his lust.

You can get it on:

for only $2.99!

Feedback is most important to me right now so for a limited time only if you download the smashwords version, please take 5 minutes of your time to write me a review/give me feedback either back on smashwords or emailing me directly.
Have fun!

EDIT: I've received feedback from a lot of people that I should change the cover image coz the fonts and everything was unreadable. Soo, I did, here is the new cover! Book with old cover still available on because I don't know how to edit books that I've published there. :(

If anyone knows, leave a comment or drop me a mail! Thanks!

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