Thursday, 16 February 2012

Squeezed out by BS and PP

Yup, as most of you may have heard, a lot of indie authors have received email(in their spam folder now less) about BS forcing us to remove titles. A lot of titles. I had to remove 8 of them which had PI. I mean, c'mon. This is retarded. I won't repeat any arguments here for other authors who have lost more than I have are also super pissed.

I spent about 2 hours today editing the PI out of my PI titles and reuploading them. Let's see if it sticks. Also, if you're game for some PI despite whatever shit BS and PP are trying to pull, you can always check my (uncensored) stuff up on Smashwords, Amazon, ARe(for now) etc.

Like I said, this is retarded. Peace.

Sunday, 12 February 2012



Why am I doing this, writing all these titles.

Well, for one, I enjoy putting out stories like these. There are some that make me laugh all the way through when I'm fleshing the characters and plot out (see Tossing Caesar's Salad & half a dozen other parodies). Almost all of the scenes that are put out on paper are, I suppose, vivid fantasies that I have, that I find quite hot and hope that you find them to your satisfaction too.

Honestly, I'm a dumb young adult with little commitments. Who wants to see the world, enjoy an education that I believe in and am enthusiastic about above others. I do have family and people that care about me, but I feel trapped. Trapped in this place of old ideas that have lost their relevance to me. They believe job security is the most important thing, along with arbitrary ideas of prestige etc.

Such thinking may have worked for them before, and it continues to entrench them in their current positions in society and life. But like all ideas, they must be improved and even changed when something better comes along.

No longer to we live in a world where education is the *only* key to success. To keep your head down and do what your government, parents and other people tell you to do only because

1. it suits their purposes

2. it's the only way they've known all their life

I respect what they've done and their resistance to change is certainly understandable. But I must prove to them, and myself, the validity of my thinking in this age.

Back in the '60s and '70s, it would have been physically difficult for me to put out a book. Hoping for a publishing deal. Now, the barriers have fallen.

In the past month, I have created more content and typed more words in this very one month period than I have for most of my entire life.

For the first time in my life, I have made money doing something I enjoy. I love writing these stories and love the fact that other people enjoy them too. My work is now available online, where people all over the world can access and purchase them. I have sold my titles in at least 4 different countries (and possibly many more but idk). How many young adults can say something like this?

I'm striving to break free of the figurative chains that bind me to my society.

If you work hard at a steady job, you will not be rich, but you'll never go hungry.

I want to make my own job, to make my own life. I'm not seeking excess wealth, I just need enough to pay for college(can't count on parents for this one) and to live comfortably.

And I will accomplish this before I enter college. It is definitely going to be a hard and thorny road, with many more titles to publish. But if I am willing to put in the effort, who knows, I just might show the archaic thinkers of the previous generation that the world has changed.


Anyways, my Valentine's Day SPECIAL Bundle is out, a collection of 3 romancey mf short stories. It should be live on Az in abit, check out my twitter for details! I always post moar there!

Saturday, 11 February 2012


I broke the magic 30 barrier today. The supposedly (enough titles for you to live on) limit. And... it's not even been a month, so I have no idea whether I'll be able to live on just that many titles. Well, this is really a multi faceted endeavor and so I forsee I'll have to rethink my current approach to writing erotica.

I'll be putting out a V-day bundle and an Anti V-day bundle tomorrow and the day after. Then I think I'll take a break for the rest of the week, and see reevaluate my stuff, read some good erotica, train my photoshop skills etc.

Meditate and take a break. I'm not burnt out, hell, I've hardly even started! But at this stage of my literary career(if it can even be called one), I have typed more than 100k words and seen sales plodding along nicely. Maybe I'm just impatient, but I would love to have more people read my stuff.

31 titles out.
Zero unsolitcited reviews. (No idea what readers think of my work.)
4-5 refunds :(

I know success isn't gonna just fall on my lap. I gotta go out and grab it.

But before I can even do that, I need to know where to stick my hands to :P

It really is a numbers game for me. I enjoy writing/pubbing and seeing my booklist grow, just like how I enjoy seeing more people read my work.

Honestly, when I heard some of my fellow authors got pirated, I was kinda sad I didn't get pirated too. What, am I not good enough for you? Even if you do decide to spread my work, please leave my author bio and links behind so that if people like my stories, they know where to buy them! :)

Put out 2 more bundles, take a break. maybe the rest of the week? Just wait and observe. I've put out a new title everyday for the past week and several in the last 2 days, but the number of readers don't seem to be increasing at all. Am I doing it wrong?

If you think so, please tell me why in the comments!

Friday, 10 February 2012

Whoa! And Vampires!

Whoa, I just checked the stats, and my blog has 191 views in the practically one month that it's been up! Now I know I don't check my blog obsessively(busy writing and all), so I'm glad that at least there's some people out there interested in my work. :)

Anyways, I now have 28 titles out! 29th gonna be pubbed soon after this! And then, my 30th title milestone!~

I would have written, formatted and published(not to mention designing the covers) 30 titles in less than a month that I've been doing this. Wow. Just wow. It's like I'm a full time writer. I know I still have a lot of learn, but right now, more and more people are reading my stuff, so I'm thankful for that. If you've bought one of my books(and didn't refund them like some people on Amzn >:( ), then here's a sincere thanks to all you guys who did so. It's because of people like you that I'm motivated to continue writing. Because, hey, it's fun. And if you have fun reading my stuff, then this work gives me a meaningful sense of satisfaction.

Alright, I've decided to delve into the paranormal genre... of vampires! (and werewolves, and maybe ghosts in the future) But now, VAMPIRES! >:B (can't find a symbol that has sharp teeth sooo... just imagine the B was written in Lithos Pro font or something xD)

I don't know if the picture turned up alright, but I really love the covers for this one. I was fortunate to find this beautiful stock photo. A little touch up later, and the title really stands out in the thumbnails. I think it's easier to do covers for gothic erotica :X, just black white the picture and the contrast is much more noticeable haha.

Anyways, there're available at the usual, SW, Amzn, ARe and BS. Yup! Just do a search of their titles, they should be out!

Other than that, life's as usual, I'll just keep writing. And Happy Valentine's Day in advance! I might put out a V-Day special bundle, also to commemorate my 30th title release or something haha.

Yup! Stay safe, stay naughty, and don't forget to love!

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Time flies.

It really does. Just felt like yesterday (okay, more like a month ago) when I first put out my first title, A Locker Room Encounter. And this weekend, I'm going to put out 30 titles at last. Probably 26-27 shorts and 3-4 bundles. but yes, look at how far I've come.

Here's what I learnt after reaching 30 books (5 more to edit/format/pub).

Don't burn out from typing, enjoy it. I've done >100k words in the past 2-3 weeks and I find myself needing to take more and more frequent breaks. My writing could have suffered, idk. But I sure as hell need more motivation to write more.

It's a great feeling sleeping one night and waking up the next morning, realizing that someone, somewhere out in the world bought your book, read your story and (hopefully) enjoyed it. It may be a small gesture, but I find writing generally fun and meaningful. At least I don't waste paper(ebooks only) and my customers (hopefully) find my reads entertaining and/or stimulating.

It's also nice to see someone buy 4-5 books of yours at one go. Feels like you've had a fan at last! :D

Also nice to see earnings increase and stabilize somewhat, so that financially, at least, I can keep writing what I love best. Steamy short stories that may or may not be full of laughs!

Some naughty writers say 30's the point where you start a self sustaining collection, but honestly, I don't think there's a limit here. You gotta keep writing to make more fans, to reach out to a wider group of people. So that's exactly what I'm going to do. There's no way I'd stop at 30 when there could be 10 more story ideas forming in my mind that people might enjoy!

I'm not sure how long I can sustain this frenzied pace, but I hope it's for as long as possible because I'm seeing a small bundle of awesome snowball into something big. Hopefully when I do have enough $ I can hire someone to redesign most of my less attractive covers and reach out to more people that are visually inclined at first sight haha.

Other than that, I wish everyone to stay safe, stay happy, for readers to keep reading, and for me to keep writing!

PS. V-day's comin' up! I should have something special by then to commemorate both the occasion and my milestones. :D

Monday, 6 February 2012

Some updates.

I find I hardly have time to blog when I'm busy writing. So I've jumped on the paranormal bandwagon and put out my first vampire title.

My Vampire Threeway!
I love the cover picture and hope that my writing's decent enough haha.

Anyways if you guys want to get it you can always search for it on the usual sites.

Should be putting out 2 more bundles soon. I should get busy bundling, after putting out 23 titles.

Always busy writing, leaving me with not much time to blog, but i'll check when I can. :)

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Kewl. c00l. cool.

161 page views since i lasted checked. which means there are some people that chance upon my blog... but how many actually read my posts? I have no idea. Anyways, most book updates are found on twitter. I think twitter's way more convenient to announce you have new stuff and you can guarantee that your message will at least be passed on to the number of followers you have. still, it's been a fun ride, meet a whole bunch of fellow authors and it's on the whole, a really nice and friendly community.

in other news, 21 shorts and 1 bundle published in 3 weeks. that's like one a freaking day! :O

I work too hard to make my readers cum.

Also, I've sworn of fucking myself until I sell 500 books which should hopefully be soon. I've sold around 100+ so far I think.

It's been a week already. :(

Friday, 3 February 2012

Life update.

Ha, here I am, sitting here again. Doing nothing but write, tweet, format and publish.

In other news, I've done the sequel to Tossing Caesar's Salad, it's even more ridiculous than the first now.

You can get it here.

In other news, the trilogy of Blow Me in the ____ is finally complete, will be swapping stories with Aubrey Watts so there you have it.

That's about it, my life is as interesting and ridiculous as my random erotic imaginations.