Friday, 10 February 2012

Whoa! And Vampires!

Whoa, I just checked the stats, and my blog has 191 views in the practically one month that it's been up! Now I know I don't check my blog obsessively(busy writing and all), so I'm glad that at least there's some people out there interested in my work. :)

Anyways, I now have 28 titles out! 29th gonna be pubbed soon after this! And then, my 30th title milestone!~

I would have written, formatted and published(not to mention designing the covers) 30 titles in less than a month that I've been doing this. Wow. Just wow. It's like I'm a full time writer. I know I still have a lot of learn, but right now, more and more people are reading my stuff, so I'm thankful for that. If you've bought one of my books(and didn't refund them like some people on Amzn >:( ), then here's a sincere thanks to all you guys who did so. It's because of people like you that I'm motivated to continue writing. Because, hey, it's fun. And if you have fun reading my stuff, then this work gives me a meaningful sense of satisfaction.

Alright, I've decided to delve into the paranormal genre... of vampires! (and werewolves, and maybe ghosts in the future) But now, VAMPIRES! >:B (can't find a symbol that has sharp teeth sooo... just imagine the B was written in Lithos Pro font or something xD)

I don't know if the picture turned up alright, but I really love the covers for this one. I was fortunate to find this beautiful stock photo. A little touch up later, and the title really stands out in the thumbnails. I think it's easier to do covers for gothic erotica :X, just black white the picture and the contrast is much more noticeable haha.

Anyways, there're available at the usual, SW, Amzn, ARe and BS. Yup! Just do a search of their titles, they should be out!

Other than that, life's as usual, I'll just keep writing. And Happy Valentine's Day in advance! I might put out a V-Day special bundle, also to commemorate my 30th title release or something haha.

Yup! Stay safe, stay naughty, and don't forget to love!