Saturday, 4 February 2012

Kewl. c00l. cool.

161 page views since i lasted checked. which means there are some people that chance upon my blog... but how many actually read my posts? I have no idea. Anyways, most book updates are found on twitter. I think twitter's way more convenient to announce you have new stuff and you can guarantee that your message will at least be passed on to the number of followers you have. still, it's been a fun ride, meet a whole bunch of fellow authors and it's on the whole, a really nice and friendly community.

in other news, 21 shorts and 1 bundle published in 3 weeks. that's like one a freaking day! :O

I work too hard to make my readers cum.

Also, I've sworn of fucking myself until I sell 500 books which should hopefully be soon. I've sold around 100+ so far I think.

It's been a week already. :(

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