Sunday, 22 January 2012

Part 2 of the Sabrina Spy Series! Sex at terminal velocity! :O

Hi! New release! And I'm learning more about formatting. I have shortened the front alot, and put links to my other titles so people can find them easily. Hooray!

The Sexy Adventures of Sabrina the Slutty Spy
Part 2: Freefall

Description: Sex in a flying helicopter was great. What could possibly top that feat? How about boning a guy in a detached seat while hurtling towards the ground at terminal velocity? Boning the very same guy that pulled the 'eject seat' lever on you? Could you stand it? Join Sabrina the slutty spy on what is probably her strangest adventure yet!

Excerpt: "You motherfucking asshole! Well, since we ARE going to die after all, why the hell not."
Sabrina felt aroused too. Strangely Leon's proposal sent an unexpected tinge of pleasure straight down to her pussy. She had never done it in freefall before, and it could be very well the last epic thing she was about to do with her short, adrenaline charged life. Even if the sorry excuse for a human being in front of her fucked her twice, he did save her from being raped and what difference does it make if she let him do it one last time. She might as well immerse herself in carnal debauchery for what it was worth.
The seatbelt tied to her waist ensured she would never go far from the falling seat. Sabrina undid Leon's zipper for quite possibly the last time, reaching in to pull out his aroused dick. She gripped it with both hands, staring it at in slight amazement. It stood erect, throbbing harder than ever, ready for the wildest ride of its life before becoming as dead as the human it was attached to. Leon sure recovered quick, or is this still considered part of one long sex session? She thought as she positioned it between her legs and started stroking it.
Leon moaned before he could stop himself. What's come over me? His mind raced to find the answer as he found his normal, disciplined himself being stimulated too easily. Could it be the adrenaline due to being in freefall? It was possible that his extenuating circumstances made this experience totally novel and super stimulating for him. Normally he could last for hours at his peak, but now, holding on to the seat for dear life, he felt he could come any second now.

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