Sunday, 22 January 2012

Busy writing, as usual.

Hi whoever's reading.

Finally, some of you say. A blog post not about new releases! Would ya look at that. Well, I have just finished writing my 13th story. And today I found out I had some buried sales on bookstrand! Hooray! Turns out in the sales reports on bookstrand, by default they only show sales for the current day, so what happened when I asked for the sales in the whole of Jan so far? BOOM! 3 whole sales that I had never noticed! So hooray! And thank you for buying, whoever you are. It's people like you that encourage me to continue writing.

Also, cover design is something I have to actively work on too. After taking advice from some fellow erotica authors, I wrote my latest story, "Reflections of Daddy's Lust" and designed the cover according to their input. And I woke up today seeing 2 sales overnight! Hurrah yet again!

So here you go, a blog post not about new releases. I would like to thank whoever has bought my work and those who have given me advice and helped me in one way or another.

And to everyone supporting my literary endeavors, thank you so much! :)

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