Saturday, 21 April 2012

I remember...

I remember when I was 14 (or was it 15? I'm not that clear about it.), we were giving art projects to do. Given that I was a slacker/rocker wannabe/didn't really care for art then, I didn't really bother to do it.

The school had this really stupid homework policy (not sure if it's still there or if enough people didn't give a shit about it so it was eventually forgotten/scrapped) whereby your grade for a certain piece of homework will be deducted depending on how many days late you handed it up.

So if you were 1 day late in handing up your homework to the teacher, you'd get 10% deducted off whatever score you were supposed to get. So if you scored 80% on some assignment, a 10% deduction meant you actually ended up with 72%. Bummer. : /

If you were 2/3 days late, it's a 50% deduction. More than 3? 100% deduction and you STILL had to hand it in. By then obvious no one cares about handing in a homework that you're already confirmed a big fat zero for. If you still didn't hand it in, I think they'd call your parents up or something.

I know, draconian policies in retarded schools.

BUT, it only counted as a day late if it was a SCHOOL DAY. Which meant that if the deadline was on a Friday and you handed it up next Monday, it'd only count as 1 day late even though the two whole days of the weekend flew on by.

Given that the deadline of the stupid art project was on the last day of the term before the summer vacation (1 whole month of mucking around WHOOHOO), I obviously chose the 'meh, fuck it.' route.

I had an extra month to finish up the stupid art project (which I rushed through in 2 hrs and produced some shitty fan fiction comic based off the korean online game of Gunz: The Duel) and handed it up on the first day of the new term to a very unimpressed art teacher. She stared at me like I played the system for all that it's worth (admittedly unintentionally at first) and accepted it after forgetting that she still had work to do thanks to my fortuitous delays.

The art project thing had a total possible score of 15 marks. I scored a rather excellent (to me, anyway) 3/15. And since 10% of 3 marks is 0.3 marks, she had to round it up to 3/15. There. No visible penalty for handing in my work a month later. As you can tell, art is either not my strong suit, or the art teachers in my school are total philistines that can't appreciate beauty when they see it.

This is probably the most random post I've ever done here, considering all my other posts are about me writing or putting out naughty stories (still happening peeps! :P), but yeah, I just that specific funny thought remembering stuff that happened in the past.

Man, I hope this place doesn't become my livejournal... unless readers of smut actually want to know about my uninteresting life compared to my entertaining fantasies put out in text.

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